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This project is supported in part by an HP Technology for Teaching 2008 grant


The application  of  HP mobile tablet PC technology in the  design of interactive laboratory  experiments in  physical and virtual labs


Faculty  is planning to utilize HP grant to upgrade and modernize its three courses from the recently adopted new study program that had been revised according to Bologna principles to bring its standards and quality in higher education to European levels of educational excellence and recognition. The three courses are:

1. Course in Modeling and simulation that is taught on the second year of the undergraduate study at Automatic control and Electronics Department.
2. Course in CAD/CAM Engineering that is taught on the second year of the undergraduate study  at Computing and Informatics Department.
3. Course in Numeric Graphics and Animation, taught on the first year of Masters Study at Computing and Informatics Department.


Project implementation members:

1. Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Adnan Salihbegović 
Professor in control systems theory with modeling and simulation and information technology in engineering and technical systems (technical informatics and process computing).

Web site : http://people.etf.unsa.ba/~asalihbegovic/
Email : adnan.salihbegovic@etf.unsa.ba

2. Dr Selma Rizvić, Assistant Professor on Computer Graphics
Web site : http://people.etf.unsa.ba/~srizvic/
Email address : selma.rizvic@etf.unsa.ba

3. Dr Samir Ribić, Assistant Professor on Operating systems and teaching assistant on course on CAD/CAM Engineering
Web site : http://www.etf.unsa.ba/index.php?id=206
Email address : samir.ribic@etf.unsa.ba

4. Aida Sadžak, BScEE, Teaching Assistant on Computer Graphics courses
Web site : http://people.etf.unsa.ba/~asadzak/
Email address : aida.sadzak@etf.unsa.ba

5. Omer Tanović, BScEE, Teaching Assistant on Modelling and Simulation course
Email address: omer.tanovic@etf.unsa.ba

6. Mr Ingmar Bešić, Teaching Assistant on CAD/CAM Engineering course
Web site : http://www.etf.unsa.ba/index.php?id=195
Email address: ingmar.besic@etf.unsa.ba

Impact on Student Learning

One year ago

Laboratory exercises and tutorials  in computer labs on desktop PCs with shortage both in available space, PCs computing resources and enough licenses for each and every workstation.


New set of lab exercises and tutorials under development based on mobile lab environment with  single server applications and online laboratories for the three courses selected.

One Year From Now
Tablet PCs will help overcome one-to many and physical availability limitation and gap between the instructor and the student. With Tablet PCs students shall discuss instructor’s materials directly while slides are presented to them during lecturing, improving communication between them. Using online laboratories and server applications at the Campus, wirelessly connected to them, or  in the classroom, learning environment will be significantly broadened, and every corner of the Campus and home (via broadband Internet connection), shall  become learning environment.

Student and instructor   are no more confined and  limited with the classrooms and lab locations and scheduling, and he/she will be able to learn in the more relaxed environment in an omnipresent omni tempore mode, with increasing effectiveness in the transfer of knowledge and skills to the students. 

Lab projects implemented with HP Tablet PCs

Technology Implementation

The learning environment will be changed in a way that we shall have better utilization of the mobile computer lab easily converted into standard   classroom when the tablets are put away in Mobile Net education center cabinet or taken out. Furthemore, students shall be able  to do some assignements remotely  connecting to online internet laboratories and   application Server from everywhere of the Campus area. 

On-screen “inking” capability of a tablet PC will be used in two ways: for new way of  entering  drawing objects and graphical entities and maniplating with them   in CAD/CAM and Computer graphics courses and for groupware communication and interactivity while testing and measuring process data in online laboratory  in Modeling and Simulation course.

Existing lab with desktop computers

Keywords:    computer graphics and programming languages, internet laboratories, e-learning, real-time systems, CAD/CAM engineering, virtual engineering, virtual reality, human-machine interface, mathematical modeling and simulation, numerical integration, mechanical and electrical systems modeling.

New HP mobile lab in convertible lecture/laboratory classroom

Impact on Teaching

On  the course on Numeric Graphics and Animation students will be demanded to learn:

How to create virtual reconstruction of a cultural heritage, objects damaged by external factors or the age .This objective will be measured through the lab project and presented as an interective 3D model on Internet. We will compare these models with models created by previous generations who were not using tablet PCs.
Furthemore,  students will be demanded to learn  how to create computer animation where computer generated model is walking and talking.

This objective will be measured through the lab project and presented as a rendered animated movie. We will compare these movies with movies created by previous generations who were not using tablet PCs.

On CAD/CAM engineering course, overal project goal is to improve quality of the course   and better utilize space. Some specific objectives shall be:

Objective 1 

Achieve ratio student:computer  to  1:1.

Objective 2

Enrich the laboratory part of the course in Modeling and Simulation, CAD/CAM  engineering and Computer graphics
As these courses are already taught on existing labs with desktop computers, we shall compare how fast the students can fulfill assignements using old and new equipment.

Objective 3

Improve students outcome and interest for the courses, measuring percentage of the passing grades, number of students who recommend one of the courses which is elective to the  next generations (CAD/CAM Eng. Course).

Demonstration videos

Demonstration of browsing through 3D models in
Virtual Reality Modeling Language by using Tablet PC


Students are using HP Tablet PCs
to monitor and control  online Internet laboratory



* Get acquiented with  HP tablet PC  Model HP Compaq 2710p

* Take an interactive tour of Tablet PC and its accessories to learn more about the features of your tablet.

* Note for Mozilla Firefox users: if you experience problems while watching the videos, please upgrade your flash browser plugin to latest Macromedia Flash Player 10

Online Internet lab monitored and controled with  80''   
Interactive touch sensitive board  as companion to HP Tablet PCs


Quick facts

Institution: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Courses impacted: in preparation 3, 2 more courses planned

Departments involved: Department for Computing and Informatics, Department for control and electronics

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This project supported in part by an HP Technology for Teaching grant