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This project is supported in part by an HP Technology for Teaching 2008 grant


Lab projects implemented with HP Tablet PCs

Masters Study at Computing and Informatics Department
Course in Numeric Graphics and Animation

University of Sarajevo,  Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

1. Image based modeling using Photomodeler software

Photogrammetry or image based modeling is creating 3D models out of digital photographs using specific software tools. Students were demanded to create 3D models of stecaks (Bosnian gravestones) from the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project consisted of the following phases:

  • taking digital photographs of the stecak
  • adjusting the photographs and creating 3D model using Photomodeler software
  • field visit: Taking new photographs if needed and adjusting the model according to the original object

2. Creating the storyboard for computer animation project

Storyboarding is one of the most important phases in the process of creating computer animation. Storyboard is a set of sketches of the key moments in the animation sequence. Students were demanded to create a storyboard for their final animation project using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro software. This software is designed for use with tablet PCs or digitized pen tablets.
Advantage of using HP Tablet PCs in this project is obvious as the project would be very difficult to make using the mouse. Before this possibility students were drawing storyboards using the pen and paper.



Students are comparing the 3D model on the HP Tablet PC with the original object on the site. With using HP Tablet PCs they are now able to improve their work by adjusting of the 3D model according to the original object "on-site".


Students' field visit to National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The visit aimed to improve the teaching and learning methods in the Numeric Graphics and Animation Course.

Field visits with the computer equipment were not possible while teaching the cultural heritage digitalization techniques in the existing lab.

The students were always working on the field, taking measures and photos and then bringing them to the lab to continue working. Advantage of using the HP Tablet PCs would be making the process of heritage digitalization more efficient.

Demonstration video


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This project supported in part by an HP Technology for Teaching grant